This course which is a combined ISPS familiarisation and security audit course is designed for those interested in understanding, developing and auditing security management processes and performing Internal Audits

of security management systems based on the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.
This course is of value to those who already have some existing auditing knowledge, and whose duties involve matters of international maritime security and who need to understand and participate in the security audit process.

Those who successfully complete this course will have the competence to gain knowledge of the background, objectives and impact of the ISPS Code, understand the principles of the ISPS Code as a management system model, be able to review and interpret the content of the ISPS Code, understand the basics of security management and risk in shipping, gain knowledge and understanding of how to apply your auditing knowledge and skills to the ISPS Code.
The ISPS Auditor Course places particular emphasis on the objectives, skills and techniques of effective internal auditing. The auditor training element meets the requirements of the ISO 19011 Standard